• Cruelty Free

    All of our products are cruelty free and will or never be tested on animals.

  • All Skin Types

    We craft all of our skincare products with love for all skin types.

  • All Natural

    None of our products or packaging contain animal derivatives or animal-by-products.


    Soaps :
    For face only use once a day preferably at night. Do not use wash clothes. Lather soap in hands and wash face immediately. For body use soap twice a day . Wash cloth can be used with soap on the body

    For face apply only 3 times a week on dark spots and dark areas. Can be used on entire face if you wish to lighten. Use twice a day on body

Trending Products

  • Hair Love

    Cinnamon Hair Growth Treatment can be used as a spot treatment or for all over your scalp. This treatment is good for all hair types and help with thinning hair and bald spots.

  • Lay it On

    A silicone brush is the best tool to applicate face and hair masks.

  • Skin Brightening

    The Extra Stregnth Lightening Cream can lighten dark areas on the face and body and helps fade away acne marks, blemishes, dark spots.

  • "I love the fact these products don't burn or irritate my skin! Usually when I use other face products my skin breaks out fast, but... i love the after feeling especially when I'm done shaving. I get shave bumps on my neck a lot, but after I started using the products the spots started to disappear and fade away which had me SHOOKETH! I was so geeked!"


  • "I love the Citrus Night Oil! My face is so soft and moisturized." -@Reality_lana

  • "I've been using your Cinnamon Hair Growth Treatment for about 6 months and I must say THANK YOU! My teenagers and I have seen results by being consistent with the treatment. It restored my hair that was blonde for more than 20 years and falling out! Now my hair is thick again and growing!" -@illaana

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